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Blogger María Cadepe shares her trip of a lifetime with us

More and more Iberia Plus members are signing up to take part in the ‘Blank Ticket’ contest where they share their trips of a lifetime with us. Blogger María Cadepe has shared the details of an unforgettable trip that you could win the chance to experience yourself

Every month, for our Blank Ticket competition, we ask Iberia Plus members to tell us about the best trip they ever took. The writer of the best story wins the chance to go on a new trip, which was described in the winning entry from the previous month – and they then tell us about it. This month’s winning trip is the result of an exciting story from blogger and influencer María Cadepe, a Valladolid native who moved to Madrid to follow her dream. The trip happened in November 2016, when she travelled to Peru and Chile for her first ever Club Media Fest, the biggest YouTube artist festival in the world. María travelled with YouTubers, such as Celopan, Yellow Mellow and Elvisa. When they got to Peru, they were met by thousands of followers, who gathered at the Jockey Club in Lima for the chance to see their favourite YouTube stars in the flesh.

So what are you waiting for?. Click here to participate telling us everything about what has been the most memorable journey of your life.