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Hip Hood

In recent years, Koukaki, the residential neighbourhood south of the Acropolis, has become increasingly popular with visitors and locals alike. Packed with independent shops, hip boozers and organic bistros, it is the perfect start for your Athens exploration.

  1. 1 BoBo

    In this bohemian wine bar, only a few metres from the National Museum of Contemporary Art, you can savour an eclectic selection of local and international wines.

    Ben Roberts
  2. 2 Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo

    Since its renovation the National Museum of Contemporary Art has made its name as the best place to discover contemporary Greek art.

    Ben Roberts
  3. 3 Little Tree

    This independent bookshop that serves coffee and delicious tarts is run by a collective. “We met through our kids, who go to the same school,” explains Stelios Farfaras. “We love interacting daily with people.”

    Ben Roberts
  4. 4 Gkiokan Karad

    A creative fashion designer and jeweller, Gkiokan, wants to become your personal stylist. “Here you can purchase some rare pieces and accessories,” he enthuses.


    Ben Roberts
  5. 5 Kion

    Kion specialises in a great variety of leather products – sandals, handbags, wallets, belts and other accessories - that combine traditional and modern feel.

    Ben Roberts
  6. 6 Barber & Shop

    Although Barber & Shop’s facilities are modern, in reality, this is an artisan barber, typically found in this area during the 1960s and 1970s.


    Ben Roberts
  7. 7 Bel Ray

    A beloved retro-decorated Koukaki spot, Bel Ray is at your service any time of the day – from early breakfast to late-night drinking sessions.


    Ben Roberts
  8. 8 Underflow

    With its busy event calendar, exhibitions and extensive collection of rare vinyl, Underflow has become a unique meeting place for art lovers and quirky music fans.


    Ben Roberts