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Original getaways with kids

Besides being perfect destinations for weekend getaways, Vienna, Denmark, Andorra and Cantabria can also become highly attractive destinations for kids.

Cover image: Reza Sarkari

  1. 1 Compose for the Vienna Philharmonic

    Famous for its Opera, Vienna is also the perfect place for young people. In the Schloss Schönbrunn Children’s Museum, they can dress up as 18th-century emperors and pretend to be the imperial family in order to learn about their customs and obligations, the language of the court and even how they used to put on their makeup. Afterwards, they can get lost in the palace’s labyrinths and visit the little zoo in its gardens, or become composers in the Haus der Musik, where they can conduct the Philharmonic virtually, or find out what a baby hears while in its mother’s womb.

    Vienna House of Music, where children experiment with sound
    Vienna House of Music, where children experiment with sound - image by Rudi Froese
  2. 2 Writing stories in Denmark

    Odense is the capital of Fionia, a small island just a few kilometres from Copenhagen. It is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and a destination every child should get to explore, because it is the origin of the magic of many of the stories they have heard. Following the steps of the writer most revered by Danish children, they can get to know a city that seems to be dedicated to this renowned author. Museums, shows, open-air theatres, what used to be his house and a toy workshop have made Odense an ideal family destination.

     The birthplace of H.C.Andersen, The Little Mermaid's author
    The birthplace of H.C.Andersen today converted into a museum, in Odense
  3. 3 Relax in an Andorran spa

    A family skiing weekend can be one of the most enjoyable plans for defying the cold. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a relaxing bath in Caldea’s thermal waters to finish off the day. Here, 300m2 of fun and relaxation await the little ones: Likids. Children aged three to eight take their first steps in the world of wellness while their parents enjoy the facility. The children’s spa offers countless activities designed for their ages that introduce them to thermal waters.

     In Likids, children learn the benefits of water through games
    In Likids, children learn the benefits of water through games
  4. 4 Taking care of animals in Cantabria

    With almost 1,000 animals of 140 species living outdoors in semi-wild conditions, the Cabárceno Natural Park resembles a safari more than a zoo. Located just 17 kilometres from Santander, it is one of the region’s most popular attractions. The wild visit is one of the most complete tours of the park. Veterinarians and caretakers talk to the children about their conservation and research work and take them to areas normally accessible only by park staff.

    A seal at the Cabárceno Nature Park in Santander
    In the Cabárceno Nature Park, the caretakers show their day to day life in the Wild Route, available from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.