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All the advantages of Iberia, also at Heathrow Airport

Since 25 October, travellers flying from London Heathrow Airport have been able to enjoy a new exclusive service area with great advantages. We talk to Daniel Montes, Iberia’s Customer Ground Experience Director, about this new service.

What new developments will an Iberia traveller flying out of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 find?

The first thing they’ll notice is an exclusive area located in the middle of the terminal for Iberia flight. It’s located in the E Zone, with counters designed for checking in bags and customer service. Service is available in Spanish, an added value I think our customers appreciate. And it’s the same in the boarding area: in both the transit area and in Arrivals, Iberia now offers separate services.

What advantages will it offer Iberia’s customers?

We’ve applied the same system we work with in the rest of the airports to the customer contact points in Heathrow. This allows us to have more information about Iberia’s flights between London and Madrid, which, in turn, translates into better service that is more consistent and homogeneous with the other airports, where Iberia operates.
This change in the checking bags and booking makes it possible to – among other services – to do on-line baggage check-in for London-to-Madrid flights, book seats or buy additional luggage, through or our app, which makes things much more convenient for our customers.

And the VIP lounges? Which ones will Iberia’s customers be able to access now?

As usual, customers flying in Business and Iberia Plus Oro cardholders will be able to access either of the two British Airways Galleries Club lounges. One is located just outside North Security and the other near Gate A18.
We continue to offer British Airway’s Galleries First to Iberia Plus Infinita and Platino cardholders, who may access them with their boarding passes via the J baggage check-in area.

What has motivated you to take on this project?

Firstly, we are always looking to improve our customers’ experiences. Our customers are always the focus of our actions.
Every day, we offer up to eight flights for the Madrid-London route each way. The volume of customers we have flying Iberia between the two cities makes us believe that they are going to benefit from having an area and service dedicated exclusively to our flights.
I’m sure our customers are going to appreciate the changes and all the advantages we are now offering them in terms of greater customisation and convenience.