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Flying with Avios has never been so easy

Are you looking for the next destination for your summer holiday or for a romantic getaway? If you’d like to do it using your Avios, here’s good news. Starting now, the new Iberia Plus search engine will show you the seats available in real time and will suggest customised routes and dates to you so you can get the most out of your Avios.

From this month, redeeming your Avios for direct flights is much easier. Thanks to the new flight search engine available to members of Iberia Plus, you will see the seats available for flying whenever you want to, wherever you want, in real time.

Customised routes and alternative dates

This new feature, which is able to recognise how far you can go with your Avios and when, will suggest customised routes for you, depending on your geographical area and the dates for using your Avios. If there is no availability on the dates selected, the system will suggest other days for you to travel. You’ll find it in your personal Iberia Plus space at by accessing the ‘Avios Calculator’ option.

Discount on Avios and connecting flights

To celebrate, Iberia is giving you a 25% discount on Avios if you book your flight before 18 March, for flying between 1 October and 15 December, with destinations in the Americas, Asia and Africa. The plan is for the search engine to evolve and include the option of flying to all the destinations where Iberia and the entire oneworld group operates.