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Los Angeles: we tour four video locations

Coachella festival is so popular that it’s going to be held two weekends in a row: from 13 to 15 and 20 to 22 April. While waiting for those dates, we did a tour of areas in Los Angeles that have been the setting for some of the most popular videos of recent years, according to YouTube.

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  1. 1 Palm trees and the reflection of the sea in Malibu

    If we’re talking about beaches, Malibu is probably the favourite setting for films, as well as being one of the favourite destinations for surfing fans. Its warm climate, with an average of 20°C throughout the year, its endless beaches, the surrounding mountains and the large number of leisure activities offered by the city make it one of the most popular in Los Angeles. It’s also the coast most desired by celebrities for building their houses overlooking the sea. Of the coast’s more than 40km, three-quarters are occupied by these private buildings. Lana del Rey shows us one of these mansions in the video for her song High by the Beach.

    Malibu´s beach front, one of the celebrities´ favourite - Getty images
  2. 2 A building fit for the movies

    Located in downtown LA, the Bradbury Building is, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic office buildings on the big screen. Its Italian-Renaissance-inspired structure surrounds its central courtyard, which has been seen in several films, including Blade Runner, The Artist and 500 Days of Summer. Justin Timberlake and the country music star Chris Stapleton showed off the spectacular interior of this late-19th-century building, declared a National Historic Landmark. Their video Say Something, directed by the Mexican filmmaker Arturo Pérez Jr, invites us to a stroll through the magical interior of the Bradbury Building.

    Bradbury Building, featured in many Hollywood films
  3. 3 The Venice of the Pacific

    The neighbourhood of Venice Beach is one of the best places to soak up  Los Angeles’ artistic vibe or to get into shape at one of the beachside gyms. With canals and homes  that look like something out of Venice, shopping is another must along Abbott Kinney Boulevard, which stretches nearly two kilometres long. Venice High School is located on Venice Boulevard, which runs perpendicular to it. Besides being one of the main sets for Grease, this typical high school is the scene of the clip with which, 20 years later, a teenager named Britney Spears would make her debut: Baby One More Time.

    Venice Canal Historic District, built in 1905 by Abbot Kinney
  4. 4 Art and light in the streets

    In the city’s west, the Urban Light sculpture comprises 202 lampposts. Chris Burden, an American known for his performances, created this work for Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Thanks to the built-in solar panels, its LED lights (a gift from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) turn on and off based on available daylight. The light installation has attracted many production companies for their films, series and advertisements. Pablo Alborán also chose it as the main set for his music video Recuérdame.

    Urban Light sculpture, Chris Burden collected real street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s