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Red carpet in the Riviera Maya

The fifth edition of the Platinum Awards ceremony will be held at the Teatro Gran Tlachco in Xcaret on 29 April, turning the Riviera Maya into a mecca of Latin American cinema, with more than 500 personalities and activities.

The films

Films premiered last year in countries throughout Latin America – including Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and also Portugal – will be the candidates for these Ibero-American film awards. Spain is also making its mark this year, with titles including The Author, The Bookstore and Perfect Strangers, among the favourites. In the interpretation section, the likes of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem (Loving Pablo), Javier Gutiérrez (The Author) and Nathalie Poza (I Do Not Know How to Say Goodbye) will all be paid honoured.

Platino Prize trophy
"The PLATINO Prize trophy is a figure of a woman of feminine forms who, with an ancestral gesture, offers, with her arms raised, the planet Earth with the map of Latin America centered" – Javier Mariscal.

Global reach

  • The Teatro Gran Tlachco in Parque Xcaret will welcome more than 3,000 international guests for the fith edition of the ceremony.
  • More than 50 countries Will be able to see the ceremony, thanks to international coverage of the event.

In addition, thanks to Cinetransformer, the Riviera Maya will enjoy screenings open to the public. At least 100 people will be able to enjoy this new way of seeing the big screen, through a mobile unit capable of transforming into a complete itinerant cinema in less than an hour. Despite not being a conventional cinema, it does not fail to provide the features necessary to offer a quality service of the same calibre.