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From 6 to 11 July, we’ll discover the newest trends for 2019. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is a can’t-miss appointment with the world of fashion that brings together the most nationally and internationally popular designers every year. Madrid is the host of this event and below we highlight some of the capital’s most outstanding designers.

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  1. 1 The multi-coloured explosion of María Escoté

    The Catalonian designer’s autumn-winter fashion show was surprising, with broadcloth garments and outfits that replaced solid colours with polka-dots and checked prints. From Barcelona’s Moda FAD and Cibeles’ EGO to becoming a fixture at Madrid Fashion Week, she’s got more than a decade of experience in the industry. In 2013, she became an international figure when Katy Perry wore one of her designs to the EMA Awards. She can even be seen on the small screen as part of the jury – along with Palomo Spain and Lorenzo Caprile – for the new talent show Maestros de la Costura.

    Her online shop also markets her wedding dresses and children’s clothing.

    The multi-coloured explosion of María Escoté
    María Escoté surprised at the last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid show with less flashy colors - Getty Images
  2. 2 peSeta: the art of prints

    peSeta‘s identity is in the originality and versatility of its designs. Laura Martínez del Pozo creates exclusive pieces for men and women. Her collaborations with other brands and projects have allowed her to reach customers in Europe, the USA and Brazil. This is a year of taking risks for the designer, which has led to a bolder, more refined collection, with classic cuts and solid colours predominated by yellow, blue and red. The artists Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, Luján Marcos and Luciano Suarez have been commissioned to use her garments as canvases, becoming the authors of her three new prints.

    peSeta collaborates with brands, companies, artists, institutions, designers and artists. Find their work with Marc Jacobs, Berlinale, New Museum of New York or Primavera Sound on their website.


    Laura Martínez del Pozo designs exclusive pieces under the peSeta brand
    Laura Martínez del Pozo designs exclusive pieces under the peSeta brand
  3. 3 Ecoalf’s sustainable fashion

    Ecoalf not only creates fashion trends, it’s also recognised as one of the best companies for the future of the planet. This time, we’re talking about a businessman, Javier Goyeneche, whose new concept of sustainable brand has managed to find its own place in the world of fashion. When the Madrid native began to wonder about the indiscriminate use of natural resources, he devised this new technique for developing fabric based on recycled materials, “proving that it’s not necessary to continue to indiscriminately abuse the planet’s resources”.

    Stop into the shop in Madrid (Hortaleza, 116) and discover products of the same quality, design and technical characteristics as the best garments created with non-recycled materials.

    Sostenible and eco-friendly design and fashion with Ecoalf
    Javier Goyeneche was inspired by the name of his first son, Alfredo, to create Ecoalf
  4. 4 García Madrid, for men

    The brand “for making men’s lives easier” that melds tradition and contemporary touches has, in only ten years, managed to expand to Italy and Portugal. Manuel García’s collections are based on an artisanal process where the outcome of his attention to every last detail is garments that are perfect for any special event. Moreover, they’re made to measure. The brand has earned its space at Madrid Fashion Week with that sporty look that characterises its suits, along with the elegance for which the designer is so well-known.

    He’s got three shops in Madrid (Malasaña, Serrano and an outlet on Calle del Molino del Viento). Remember to book an appointment if you need to use the tailoring service.

    The brand “for making men’s lives easier”
    Los trajes hechos a medida de García-Madrid cuidan cada detalle
  5. 5 Lefrik converts plastic bottles into travel bags

    This brand creates its backpacks, travel bags and accessories with practicality in mind, whether for day-to-day activities or for travel. And it also shows its commitment to the environment by manufacturing its own ECO fabrics. The polyester Lefrik uses to make its accessories comes from recycled bottles made of PET plastic, which is widely used to manufacture fibres. In December 2013, the brand opened its first shop in Malasaña. Here, you’ll find its entire collection, which is also distributed across Spain and in Portugal. Its products are designed for any generation and gender.

    The online shop features the latest developments in the brand’s most sophisticated accessories.

    Lefrik converts plastic bottles into travel bags
    Lefrik ecological backpacks are water resistant and have a special compartment for laptops