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Spain: a leading destination for postgraduate studies

More and more people are deciding to finish up their education by studying for a master´s degree that will broaden their career possibilities. And Spain is becoming one of the destinations that foreign students travel to every year for their postgraduate studies.

Spain currently has the best university system in its history. According to the prestigious Shanghai Ranking of World Universties (ARWU), it is the tenth country with the most universities among the world’s 800 best. Moreover, its universities are among the highest-regarded institutions (La Caixa Social Observatory) and it is the country that attracts most European students through the Erasmus programme. Crue, the non-profit association consisting of 76 Spanish universities (50 public and 26 private), plays a fundamental role as the universities’ voice at the national and international levels. These are some of the institutions that have best managed to adapt to the digital transformation of universities:

Comillas Pontifical University, a pioneer in Connected Industry

Faced with the explosion of big data, Comillas ICAI-ICADE was the first university to offer Law and Business Analytics (BA), and the world pioneer in creating a professorship on Connected Industry in response to the challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Moreover, it has developed the “Advanced Programme in Connected Industry: Leadership and Transformation”. It is the only one of its kind in Europe, and is joined by postgraduate degrees in Big Data, Sustainable Mobility and Smart Grids. It is also the world’s first blockchain laboratory, focused on a technology that is revolutionising the finance sector and beyond.

University of Navarra: a model of integral education

The University of Navarra offers a comprehensive education with the student at the centre of its activity. The result of this attitude is not only the quest for excellence in teaching or its commitment to the internationality of its students, it also means each student is trained before entering into the professional sphere to understand the part they play in the changing market and the responsibility they have for the world around them. This combination of deep training with vocation of service, as well as its own training model, makes the University of Navarra an academic centre that is chosen by thousands of young people and by companies.

ESIC, in close contact with companies

ESIC has incorporated into its programmes the most cutting-edge disciplines of the digital ecosystem: Digital Management, Digital Customer Experience and Digital Technology. Its purpose is to help transform students so that they are able to function successfully in their professional lives, in a way that is responsible and founded on ethical values. It is the educational institution with the closest contact with companies, and organises activities that facilitate a meeting point between the teaching and business milieus.

IESIDE, a leader in leader development in Galicia

Today’s world demands the ongoing education of professionals. The Instituto de Educación Superior Intercontinental de la Empresa’s (IESIDE) extensive educational offer is adapted to different stages of life, with bachelor and postgraduate degrees for new graduates along with postgraduate degrees for professionals. But, above all, IESIDE is committed to developing the personal skills that will enable them to become genuine leaders.

IESE, learning to lead based on global experience

Its success lies not only in the excellence of its programmes, but also in the humanistic approach that permeates what it teaches. In order to achieve effective leadership, IESE recognises the help that Artificial Intelligence can offer a senior manager when it comes to taking major decisions, but always recognising the great responsibility it necessitates for leaders.

EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial): education in Big Data

EOI has been a pioneer in educating Big Data professionals since 2006. In the area of digital economy, they are also experts in Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. Online education has become an ally for professionals and EOI was the first business school – in collaboration with Google – in promoting MOOC: massive online open courses. Courses on Big Data and Cybersecurity are part of the 2018 offer.

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, the next leaders in the tourism sector

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is officially the third best university in the world for student employability, according to the 2018 QS World University Rankings. Its Spanish headquarters are located in Marbella and it offers a fully comprehensive business education, with university degrees and postgraduate qualifications in both Global Hotel Management and Luxury Tourism. More than 3,500 hotel and tourism managers have graduated from the university, and now work in more than 54 different countries across the world.

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