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On Ibiza – the quintessential hedonistic island – who could resist brunch?

Although there are many places to get brunch, it’s easy and fun to make your own. You just need to know how to combine sweet and salty. What’s more, enjoying it with a cocktail is in right now – Champagne-based drinks and New-York-style Bloody Maries are popular at the moment. Here are our four suggestions for places in Ibiza where you can enjoy this combination along with some unforgettable views.

It is said that the origin of the brunch – a combination of breakfast and lunch – lies with the British upper class. Around 1800, families would give their servants Sundays off, so they would set up a buffet with breakfast and lunch dishes so the family would have enough to eat on their day off.

Nowadays, we’re more likely to enjoy brunch at weekends and bank holidays, when people sleep in late and the day’s schedule is different. Besides, brunch is said to be a good cure for the hangover that comes after an all-night binge.

  1. 1 Sushi on Nikki Beach

    On the eastern part of Santa Eulalia Island, you’ll find this beach club where you can enjoy a brunch from anywhere in the world. Chef Juanma Otero combines native Ibizan products fresh from the sea and the fields with flavours inspired by its 14 establishments around the world (in the Caribbean, North America, and several Asian and European locations). Its star dish, Nikki Beach’s famous sushi and ceviche boat, is a real scaled-down wooden boat full of delicious pieces of sushi and ceviche for 6-8 people.

    Wash it down with one an original cocktail and finish up with a basket of fresh seasonal fruit. Ask to have it served to you in the Balinese beds – only the views will be comparable to the explosion of flavours.

    Nikki Beach, in Santa Eulalia, offers a wide variety of dishes
    Nikki Beach, in Santa Eulalia, offers a wide variety of dishes to share
  2. 2 La Paloma Café, 100% organic

    For a rib-sticking breakfast in a family setting surrounded by a purely Mediterranean environment, La Paloma café in San Lorenzo is the ideal place. It has its own garden, where staff grow vegetables, aromatic plants and flowers and use organic products from the island. La Paloma also receives a weekly shipment of ingredients from a small farm in Italy, the country that inspires many of its dishes. Chef Prasuna lived between Italy and India for many years, and this is reflected in the fusion of her cuisine.

    By adding any of the desserts, homemade cakes, coffees, juices and smoothies to the homemade focaccias, you can enjoy a wonderful brunch surrounded by the perfume emanating from the forests of citrus trees surrounding the café.

    Café La Paloma uses 100% ecological ingredients
    Café La Paloma, due to the 100% ecological origin of the ingredients they use, its menu varies every day
  3. 3 Experimental Beach, with your feet on the sand

    Enjoy the feeling of eating while your feet are in the sand in an atmosphere inspired by the boho vibes of 1960s Ibiza, with a hippie, chic and hedonistic touch. An old boat converted into a bar, Experimental Beach offers a wide variety of dishes based on French and Mediterranean touches made with local products. Located in Cap des Falco, inside the Ses Salines Natural Park, it boasts some of the island’s most stunning views. The wide selection of cocktails, tapas, cheese, fruit salads and desserts is perfect for creating your own brunch.

    For sharing, order your favorite cocktail in a giant seashell, any of its tapas and starters and the caramelised Spanish-style French toast with coconut and pistachio ice cream. You won’t regret it.

    Experimental Beach, an old boat converted into a bar
    Experimental Beach, an old boat converted into a bar
  4. 4 Passsion Café, smoothie paradise

    Passion Café’s philosophy is to create good, natural and healthy foods based on the best ingredients. With a huge menu chock-full of smoothies of all types (with protein, revitalising, hot and iced), coffees, fresh juices and all kinds of organic drinks, Passion Café is one of the healthiest choices on the list. There are Lebanese-inspired sharing plates, hamburgers, fish and chicken and a wide variety of cereal bowls and fresh salads, pasta, curries and flatbreads... all made using organic products.

    You can find them in six different places on the island: San José, Marina Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, Playa d’en Bossa and the Bfit sports club. If you want more, visit Passsion’s organic shop Passion Pantry & Juicery.

    Passion Ibiza's brunch is full of flavour and colours
    Passion Ibiza, its vegan and gluten-free pancakes, with nuts and seeds, served with caramelized banana and coconut cream. They are a must