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At the forefront with Iberia

Iberia celebrates an autumn filled with technology and thank yous. It also invites you to get to know On Business better – the best way for companies to save.

On Business: today’s trip, tomorrow’s savings

Iberia’s loyalty programme for small and medium companies helps to turn each corporate trip and expense into savings.

On Business is the best way to get direct discounts on the price of corporate travel and accumulate points to redeem for flights or cabin upgrades with Iberia, British Airways and American Airlines.

In addition, Iberia Plus members also earn Avios and Elite Points for their personal flights.

One million thanks on behalf of one million children

In 2013, Iberia, the Spanish UNICEF Committee and Amadeus launched a micro-donations project to collaborate on UNICEF immunisation projects. With the more than one million euros already donated, more than one million children in Chad, Angola and Cuba have been immunised so that they can grow up healthy and fly high.

When Iberia customers buy a ticket at www.iberia.com, they can make a donation of €3-€20 that goes entirely to UNICEF.

You can now contact Iberia through WhatsApp

From now on, all your questions about the trip, the status of the flight or check-in can be answered through WhatsApp. What’s more, we will gradually expand the portfolio of services and features available and we will also offer this service for queries in English.

Gabriel Perdiguero, Iberia’s Director of Transformation, commented on this initiative, “WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in Spain and in many countries throughout the world and, from now on, we’re going to be able to answer their questions simply and quickly, regardless where they may be”.

Iberia introduce el servicio al cliente a través de WhatsApp