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At Iberia Plus, it’s all advantages

Changing flights the day before at no added cost, or the possibility of combining Avios with money, are just two of the Iberia Plus benefits that users value most.

Each trip is an opportunity to enjoy

Today travelling is much more than seeing new places. It’s getting excited, discovering, getting rich ... That’s why Iberia Plus offers exclusive benefits before, during and after each flight. Make sure each trip is an authentic experience and you can enjoy every moment.

Find out in our new video:

2x1 in Avios

Is your next destination in Spain? Or in Europe?

Book your next flight before 12 March, and Iberia is offering the opportunity to pay for two passengers with the amount of Avios you’d normally need for 1. Valid for flights from 1 April to 30 June (except Holy Week, 18-22 April).

In addition to taking advantage of this 2 for 1, booking a ticket with Avios grants great flexibility and advantages such as being able to change flights up to 24 hours before departure, without costs. This is what Ainara Domench, Iberia Plus Clásica, explains in this video.

Get discounts with Avios

Belonging to the Iberia Plus programme gives you the opportunity to access a wide variety of discounts on reservations at using part of the available Avios. When booking the next flight, you can get a discount of up to $300, depending on the fare you choose, the date and the cabin.