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Iberia takes care of the environment

The company is determined to reduce its environmental impact, incorporate renewable energy, reduce paper and plastics and recycle – all as part of responsible waste management.


New-generation aircraft

Iberia is renewing its long-haul fleet with A350 aircraft. These next-generation airplanes consume 25 per cent less fuel and generate 25 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than similar aircraft. This fleet renewal is completed by the addition of the A320neo aircraft for short-and medium-haul flights, allowing Iberia to optimize the fuel consumption of its operations and reduce both CO2 emissions and noise.


Sustainable waste management

Zero Cabin Waste is a pioneering project in the airline industry and Iberia is taking part in it along with Ferrovial, Gate Gourmet (GG), Ecoembes and ESCI-UPF. The project’s goal is to improve the management of both recyclable and organic wastes generated by onboard catering. Thanks to this, Iberia will be able to recycle 80 per cent of the waste generated in the cabins on its flights. This will avoid emitting 4,340 tonnes of CO2 a year – equivalent to the emissions of 340 Madrid-Barcelona flights.


Electric vehicles

Iberia has renewed 80 per cent of its fleet of motorised vehicles and incorporated alternative energy sources over four years. Almost 40 per cent of Iberia’s equipment has electronic capabilities, significantly reducing emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels. In Madrid’s Loading Terminal, all the lifts and tractors have been replaced by zero-emission vehicles. Iberia is also installing telemetry devices and catalysers in much of this equipment. This allows for less fuel consumption and emissions, to increase efficiency and guarantee safety in airport operations.


Green energy

From 1 April 2019, all energy consumed in company-owned facilities (the former industrial zone, La Muñoza, the Loading Terminal, the Núñez de Balboa Intercentres Committee and the lit signage on the Avenida de América in Madrid) is produced by 100 per cent renewable sources. This means that the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 are reduced to zero.


Less paper and plastic

Flight documentation is now electronic for the entire fleet. The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) facilitates the operation’s smooth running and reduces paper consumption, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Iberia has replaced the plastic packaging and cans offered in Madrid’s Premium Lounges with returnable glass. Iberia has also replaced the plastic bags containing the headphones in Business Class with paper ones, thereby saving another 1,500kg of plastic a year.

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