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At the vanguard of digital art

Digitisation has reached the world of art, and more and more museums are making space for this very 21st-century trend. These are some of the most important museums in which creativity and the latest technologies share space in harmony.

  1. 1 Deus Ex Machina at LABoral Centre of Art and Industrial Creation, Gijón

    In D3US EX M4CH1NA. Art and Artificial Intelligence the Asturias-based institution explores the union of machinery and deity in an artificial entity to which we give authority. A selection of works by contemporary artists such as Memo Akten, Harold Cohen and Jake Elwes invites the public to reflect on expectations and fears that intelligent machines might know everything there is and predict what will happen.

    Learn about the collaborative function between machines and humans by flying to Asturias from 4,500 Avios one way.

    Deus Ex Machina at Laboral at Laboral Center for Art and Industrial Creation, Gijón, one of the best centers to house digital art
  2. 2 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

    The first New York museum to organise an exposition of a video artist (Nam June Paik, in 1982) has just placed two augmented reality works, part of Alan Michelson: Wolf Nation, in its lobby.

    Visit the augmented reality works at the Whitney Museum of American Art by travelling to New York from 17,000 Avios one way.

    The Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, a reference in the world of digital art
    The exterior of Whitney Museum of American Art - Image taken by Ben Gancsos for the museum in 2016
  3. 3 Institute of Contemporary Art, London

    Despite its historical tradition, the ICA has renewed its radically progressive vision of cultural production with a programme that is focused on the challenges of the 21st century.

    Explore the ICA’s programme for the year and don’t miss any of its exhibitions, by flying to London from 7,500 Avios one way.

    Institute of Contemporary Art, London, one of the best centers in the world to host digital art.
    Installation view of 2019 (The form of the flower is unknown to the seed) at the ICA, in London, 2019- Image by Mark Blower
  4. 4 Bassins de Lumières, Bordeaux

    When it opens on 17 April in a submarine base, this will become the world’s largest digital art centre with monumental exhibitions and projections reflected on the water.

    Fly to Bordeaux from 4,500 Avios one way in April and enjoy.

    Bassins de Lumières will open in Bordeaux on April 17 to become the largest digital art center in the world
  5. 5 ARCOmadrid, Madrid

    The contemporary art fair ARCOmadrid will be held from 26 February to 1 March. “Several of the galleries will present digital art works, performances and other non-traditional media. The presence of these forms is well-assimilated as part of the programme, says Maribel López, Arco director. ARCOlisboa, its sister event in Portugal, will take place two months later, from 16 to 19 May.

    Madrid and Lisbon, accessible cities, from 4,500 Avios one way.