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The designers of Monti

The Monti neighbourhood is the epicentre of craftsmanship in Rome. Take a journey through its narrow streets and small squares – home to some of the city’s top boutiques and workshops.

Lose yourself in this designers’ hub by flying to Rome from 7,500 Avios each way.




Twenty years ago, the only way tourists might have ended up in Monti – considered Rome’s oldest neighbourhood – is if they had taken a wrong turn coming from the Coliseum. Today, thanks to the dozens of designers who have moved in over the past decade, this area in the city centre is the beating heart of craftsmanship in Rome. If you peek into its establishments, studies and workshops, you’ll see the final stitches being sewn into the collections of the future.

  1. 1 Sacripante Gallery, run by Wilma Silvestri of Le Gallinelle, at Via Panisperna, 59

    Wilma Silvestri, the matriarch of Monti’s designers, who launched her brand in 1995, claims to have been a trailblazer of its local workshop scene. She used to have her Le Gallinelle boutique at number 61 on the same street, but she has just put her all into this new project: Sacripante is a contemporary gallery where art coexists with a space dedicated to fashion and a bar. She is the one in charge of the fashion part, but her collaboration goes even further: some of the bar’s cocktails are inspired by the themes of her collections.

    Wilma Silvestri’s Sacripante Gallery is a new Monti neighbourhood favourite.
    Sacripante Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 2am / Image by
  2. 2 Tina Sondergaard at Via del Boschetto, 1d

    Fifteen years ago, the Danish designer opened her self-named boutique, having fallen in love with Monti’s indie spirit. Her vintage style dresses inspired by the 1950s are objects of worship by trendsetters. The hallmark of her styles, which change weekly, is femininity. You can buy them directly in the shop or have them custom-made.

    Tina Sondergaard in the Monti neighbourhood, one of the city’s workshops that sets trends with its innovative spirit.
    Any alterations you may need to Tina Sondergaard’s off-the-rack dresses are included in the price.
  3. 3 Federica Monciotti’s Sufir at Via del Boschetto, 113

    Thirty-year-old fashion designer Federica Monciotti says that Monti is the only neighbourhood in Rome dedicated to design. Her shirts and trousers stand out for their textures: viscose, cottons and organic silks. All materials used at Sufir are locally sourced and brought in from places such as Lake Como and Prado (in Pavia).

  4. 4 Eugenia Barbati’s Le NoU at Via del Boschetto, 111

    Eugenia Barbati moved to Monti with her business partner Leila Testa ten years ago. Visitors to Le NoU can see them working on new prints and sewing their felt sweaters and other originals. If you decide on one of their cutting-edge designs, you can buy it directly at the shop or choose the cloth and style yourself and have them make it for you in record time.