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The best Latin American restaurants in Madrid

From 30 March to 2 April, when the 34th edition of the Salón Gourmets is held, Madrid will become the culinary epicentre of the world. We’re taking advantage of the international event to present you with a selection of the best Latin American restaurants in the capital, where you can fly from 4,500 Avios per route. There’s something for every taste and budget.


    Sixty years of tradition have allowed Rubaiyat to operate not only in Brazil, but in Argentina, Mexico and Chile, too. In Madrid, its designer premises on Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez have become a reference when it comes to meat, all of which is brought in from its own ranch in Brazil.

    Don’t miss at Rubaiyat: the wonderful patio when the weather is nice and, on Saturdays, feijoada: a Brazilian dish containing black beans, rice, meat and farofa, another Brazilian classic served as an accompaniment.

    On winter Saturdays do not miss the feijoada of Rubaiyat, the best Brazilian restaurant in Madrid.
    Take advantage of Feijoadas every last Saturday in Rubaiyat, until spring officially arrives
  2. 2 RONDA 14

    At Ronda 14, Mario Céspedes and Conchi Álvarez fuse Peruvian cuisine and its variants with traditional dishes from Asturias. The idea was created in Avilés and was so successful that four years ago they opened the Madrid version on Calle General Oráa.

    What you can’t miss at Ronda 14: Wagyu hamburger nigiri with rocoto and Asturian blue cheeses, Creole gyozas with pig’s trotters, or the battered mackerel and squid rings, all clear examples of this bold mixture.

    The pork rind with cream of rocoto and huacatay is one of the star dishes of Ronda 14, the only restaurant that fuses Peruvian cuisine with Asturian cuisine in Madrid.
    The bao de chicharrón with rocoto cream and huacatay, another of the star dishes of Ronda 14
  3. 3 EL INCA

    They say this was the first Peruvian restaurant established in Madrid to showcase the country’s most traditional cuisine: “traditional home-style dishes, served with a lot of care”, say the current owners Óscar Ferrari and Irma Magali.

    What you can’t miss at El Inca: star products such as the ceviche and chicken in a creamy pepper sauce, along with special dishes such as sautéed beef strips smoked with a sauce made with huacatay (a plant found only in the Andes) and lucuma mousse (made from a fruit also exclusive to the Andes).

    The ají de gallina is one of the most famous dishes of El Inca, the first Peruvian restaurant that opened in Madrid.
    The ají de gallina is one of the most famous dishes of El Inca, the first Peruvian restaurant that opened in Madrid
  4. 4 PUNTO MX

    This is the first Mexican restaurant in Europe to earn a Michelin star. The chef Roberto Ruíz opened Punto MX in 2012; his current focus – Fondas de Ciudad de México – pays tribute to the traditional taverns and diners serving home-style food in Mexico City.

    What you can't miss at Punto MX: "Dirty rice" – the first rice dish they’ve dared to make – or the Juana Amaya black mole taco.

    The chubby blue corn with sucker, carabinero and pico de gallo costaño, one of the most spectacular dishes of the Mexican restaurant Punto MX.
    Gordita of blue corn with sucker, carabinero and pico de gallo costaño with its coral in the Mexican restaurant Punto MX
  5. 5 TEPIC

    A genuine Mexican taquería in the Chueca district paired with signature cocktails. It offers a varied menu filled with traditional flavours and different varieties of chillies. If you’re unable to decide, they also have a seven-step tasting menu for €30.50.

    What you can’t miss at Tepic: the cocktails made on the spot by Tepic’s own barman, an expert in mezcals, tequilas and sotols.

    The tachin de cochinita pibil of the Mexican restaurant Tepic in Madrid.
    Tamales are not easy to find in Madrid, and less like those of the Tepic restaurant. This one is made with cochinita pibil

    The perfect spot to enjoy authentic Venezuelan cuisine in the heart of Chamberí. Although it’s said that their opus magnum is their Sunday brunch, the rest of the week they offer a variety of 100% traditional dishes created by their chef, Leo Araujo.

    What you can’t miss at Apartaco: besides their famous arepas, tequeños and pabellón criollo, the pastel de chucho – made of ripe plantain, fish and cheese – is also very popular.

    The Apartaco apartapalos dish is ideal to taste the most classic entrees of Venezuelan cuisine in Madrid.
    The Apartaco Apartapalos dish is ideal for tasting the most classic entrees: tequeños, mini pipiada arepitas, cachapitas with cheese, mini empanaditas and mini tostones

    They’ve been offering home-style Cuban cuisine to the beat of live music for over 20 years now. Their kitchen is open until midnight, and they offer a new experience every day thanks to their different live shows.

    You can’t miss at La Negra Tomasa: of course, the mojito is the star drink, but don’t go without trying suckling lamb with yucca, rice and beans or their shredded beef with tostones and tamales.

    La Negra Tomasa restaurant has been offering homemade Cuban food for more than 20 years accompanied by live music and entertainment.
    In the restaurant La Negra Tomasa the decoration and the atmosphere transport you directly to Cuba

    Although the restaurant’s speciality is revealed by its name, Patacón Pisao (a deep-fried smashed plantain slice, with several options to accompany it) it also serves Colombia’s most traditional dishes. The most popular is the famous bandeja paisa, a combination of red beans, chorizo sausage, fried pork belly, arepa, ground beef, fried egg, fried plantain, avocado and white rice. They claim to have sold more than one million since they opened 23 years ago. 

    What you can’t miss at Patacón Pisao: the meat turnovers accompanied by homemade sauces.

    The paisa tray is the best selling traditional Cuban dish in the Patacón Pisao restaurant in Madrid.
    Patacón Pisao's popular bandeja paisa is a combination of beans, chorizo, pork rind, arepa, ground beef, fried egg, plantain, avocado and white rice