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Medical Air Corridor between Spain and China

To help bring medical supplies where they are needed, Iberia is flying A350s between Madrid and Shanghai, and Madrid and Tokyo: 

In cooperation with the Spanish medical technology company association Fenin and the Oesía high technology group, it has scheduled three return flights to Shanghai which will land in Madrid on 30 and 31 March and 1 April with a total of 90 tonnes of medical supplies. Subsequently it will continue to operate three such flights per week. 

With the Spanish clothing maker Inditex, Iberia has operated another special flight to Shanghai on 28 March and will fly to Tokyo on 31 March. The flight to Shanghai picked up medical supplies, while the Tokyo flight is to retrieve Spaniards who want to return home. 

Iberia has also fetched 23 respirators from Brussels and Munich, which were donated by some small companies there to supplement the intensive care units of five Madrid hospitals.