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Flying safely

The plane is the safest means of transport that exists. Now, in these challenging these, Iberia has taken every measure to keep it that way.

 Several studies have shown that the constant air renewal and the HEPA filters in the aircraft – the same ones used in operating theatres, which filter the air at  an extremely high temperature – cause viruses to virtually disintegrate.

Arnold Barnett, professor of statistics at the MIT Sloan School of Management, conducted a detailed study on the possibilities of catching Covid-19 on board an airplane, taking into account all manner of variables and even assuming that passengers did not use masks – something that is currently compulsory. Barnett concluded that the chances of infection on board a two-hour flight are one in 4,300.

Despite this, Iberia have implemented all kinds of hygiene and safety measures – both at the airport and on board – in order to further reduce this possibility. You can learn about the most recent ones on the website.