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The lowdown on all the apps Iberia has developed to make flying will easier again

Below, we explain what each app is good for so, when you’re ready to fly, your only concern will be having a wonderful trip.

Guide to worry-free airport arrival:


Where can I find out about the restrictions at my destination?

Check the ‘My flight status’ section on the Iberia website. Select your destination on the interactive map and you’ll know – in real time – what restrictions are applied by each country and what documents you’ll need to fly.

If you’ll need a Covid-19 test, the company offers you the opportunity to have this done at an exclusive price at one of the facilities in the Quirónprevención network.

How can I get prepared so that I don’t have to worry about anything at the airport?

IATA TRAVEL PASS (for routes between Europe and Latin America)

Known as the IATA Travel Pass, this mobile app helps passengers to store, manage and verify their Covid-19 certificates. Showing the IATA Travel Pass at the airport ensures a simple, safe travel experience and avoids all kinds of contact.

Iberia is working with IATA on developing this digital passport and will be the first airline to use it on routes between Europe and Latin America, starting with the Montevideo route.

How does the IATA Travel Pass work?

  1. Fill in the registration form at TTT
  2. IATA sends a personalised invitation to create your account in the app
  3. Request an appointment for your Covid-19 test at one of the participating facilities that appear in the app
  4. When you get the results on your app, IATA will verify that they meet all the requirements for flying
  5. At the airport, just show your confirmation message in the app

IBERIA WEBSITE (for flights to London, Santiago (Chile), Lima and Bogotá, or from Paris)

In order to offer our customers a solution that will allow them to fly worry-free and reach the airport confident that they’ve met all the requirements, Iberia has added a new feature to the purchase, booking management and check-in services that makes it possible to check that the documentation you have provided is correct. This way, when you purchase your ticket on iberia.com, you’ll see the requirements set out by the country you’re flying to, and you can check that everything is in order for your trip. At the airport, you can simply head over to the boarding gate without showing your documentation, which has already been verified online.

How does Iberia’s Covid-19 document verification work?

  1. When you book, check your email to access the ‘Your documents’ section
  2. Fill in the form and upload the required documents to the website
  3. Iberia verifies each file and, if something isn’t right, the company will give you new instructions so it can be remedied

In addition, should there be any last-minute changes, Iberia will contact you by email to let you know about the modifications needed to fly.

This feature is being expanded to the entire Iberia destination network, although it’s currently only available for flights to London, Santiago (Chile), Lima and Bogota, or those that fly from Paris.


If you’re flying to the United States, you can carry all the documents needed to fly on your mobile. Just validate them before you arrive at the airport. Iberia has partnered with the VeriFly app for this project.

How does VeriFly work?

  1. Download VeriFLY
  2. Register your account and search for your destination
  3. Upload the required documentation
  4. Get checked