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Unmissable performances

No matter which Iberia destination you’re in, our international reach means you can see out 2023 with a spectacular show. Music, gastronomy, magic, comedy and theatre are all part of the mix…

  1. 1 Malinche

    In Madrid, Nacho Cano and his musical, Malinche, await you. The show looks at the love story between the woman who worked as the translator for the conquistador Hernán Cortés when the Spaniards arrived in Mexico. As a bridge between cultures, the performance fuses musical genres such as rock, rap, flamenco and tap dancing to create a unique experience already enjoyed by more than 300,000 spectators. With two performances a week – on Fridays and Saturdays – this show welcomes international audiences, who will enjoy fantastic choreography and a fabulous set design, all brought to life by a group of more than 60 professionals, including musicians, singers and dancers. All attendees will also be able to enjoy impressive terraces with themed food trucks that celebrate the melding of cultures with tacos, beers and margaritas.

  2. 2 Jaleos Jondos

    Still in Madrid, Jaleos Jondos presents a display of contemporary flamenco created and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca (director of Cirque du Soleil shows such as Corteo and Luzia). Finzi Pasca joins forces with Javier Limón – in charge of the musical direction and production – the winner of eight Latin Grammy Awards. Choreographer José Maldonado and artistic director Felype de Lima are behind the impressive stage design and incredible costumes that audiences will enjoy weekly from Wednesday to Sunday. Some of the artists taking the stage at the Teatro Magno – one of Madrid’s most iconic landmarks, with more than 100 years of history to its name – include guitarist Antonio Sánchez (from the family of Paco de Lucía) and legendary dancer Carmela Greco, a Unesco Spanish Heritage Artist. There’s also the opportunity to enjoy a gastronomic menu designed especially for the experience.

  3. 3 Corral de la Morería


    Another icon of Spain’s capital is the Corral de la Morería, which many consider the best flamenco tablao in the world. It boasts a plethora of national awards, along with the Michelin Star it received in 2018 and three Repsol Suns that testify to the quality of the cuisine at Restaurante Corral de la Morería. At only four tables, guests enjoy chef David García’s finest creations. The Corral also includes Restaurante Tablao, located next to the stage, where the chef’s genius melds with the flamenco show. Opened in 1956, artists such as Pastora Imperio, Antonio Gades, María Albaicín, José Mercé and Diego el Cigala have performed here. Today, it constantly refreshes its offerings under the artistic direction of Blanca del Rey, winner of the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts.

  4. 4 El Mago Pop

    Back from New York, El Mago Pop – the world’s highest-earning illusionist – returns to Barcelona with a show that has garnered enormous success on Broadway. Antonio Díaz offers an extraordinary performance with unprecedented illusions and tricks that will leave spectators speechless. During November and December, El Mago Pop outperforms himself at the Teatre Victoria with a large-format show that combines fun, sensitivity and emotion.

  5. 5 Smiley

    The Americas also offer interesting productions, such as Smiley, a play that will be performed at La Teatrería in Mexico City every Thursday until the end of December. This romantic comedy was written by the playwright Guillem Clua. Since its debut in Spain in 2012, it has travelled the world, from Germany to Buenos Aires, Singapore, the United States and Australia. It even has a series (also called Smiley) produced by Netflix. The play tells the story of Álex and Bruno, two protagonists who couldn’t be more different, but who have in common an uncontrollable force: love. Smiley explores the legend of the “red thread of fate” that brings together people – however incompatible they may seem – through modern society and the internet.

  6. 6 Kiss of the Spider Woman

    At the Teatre Buenos Aires in Argentina’s capital, you can watch El beso de la mujer araña by the writer Manuel Puig. This play tells the story of two prisoners, Valentín, a revolutionary militant, and Molina, a transwoman persecuted by the state and accused of grooming. They share a cell in the turbulent political context of 1970s Argentina. El beso de la mujer araña is considered one of the 100 best novels of the 20th century. This adaptation has already won several awards for its exploration of love in its different forms and expressions.