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Santander is in fashion

The Cantabrian capital is known for its classical elegance, its unwavering tranquillity and its wonderful connection with nature. These principles are so deeply rooted that, nowadays, they can be found not only in its streets and scenery, but also in its fashion. A group of creative women has converted the city into an enclave of sustainable fashion. Here, you will find the best shopping route for getting to know the avant-garde side of Santander.

  1. 1 Teté by Odette

    Odette Álvarez Garzón is one of the best-known names in Cantabrian fashion. This designer, who has just successfully presented her latest collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, founded her brand – Teté by Odette – in 2009, encouraged by all her friends, who were constantly asking to wear her creations. Ever since, Odette, who learned dressmaking from her mother and her grandmother and taught herself design, has been producing and selling her top-quality garments from her native Santander, where her shop and workshop is located on Paseo Menéndez Pelayo. Her designs, which have appeared in publications such as Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan, play with volumes and colour to offer fanciful silhouettes and are based on artisanally crafted fabrics.

  2. 2 Laura Sainz de Aja

    Also located on Calle Juan de Herrera is the workshop of Laura Sainz in Aja, a designer specialising in bridal dresses and wedding guest dresses of such high quality that they could be considered haute couture. Laura’s designs are always custom-made, and her dresses, veils and headpieces are sustainably produced entirely in Spain. With a studio founded in 2016 and a small team responsible for realising the dreams of dozens of brides who come to her atelier from all over Spain, this designer has already worked with top names such as the magazine Hola.

  3. 3 La Folie

    La Folie is the multi-brand space that has been a reference point for women’s fashion in the Cantabrian capital since 2008. With a selection of garments and accessories from the top Spanish and European brands designed exclusively for its clients, this initiative led by Paula and her team (Mica, Nieves, Ana and Isa) has brought some of the best collaborations in the national scene to Santander with brands such as Malababa and Masscob, which have created exclusive pieces for La Folie in the past. Additionally, the project has recently launched its own clothing collection, La Folie Collection. At its shop on Calle Hernán Cortés, the team also offers advice to clients and is committed to an international business model with a local focus.

  4. 4 Paloma Merendón

    Paloma Merendón, an illustrator who has been using a lot of imagination in fashion, has her establishment on Calle Gándara. In her shop, she sells not only the tee-shirts she designs, but also decorative items such as tablecloths, coasters and illustrated appointment books. However, the most special part of her offerings is her personalised orders, which she designs based on her clients’ ideas for bags, cushions, slippers and tee-shirts, which she paints by hand. In addition, Paloma Merendón has collaborated with different companies, for instance, by designing the packaging of various products.