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From beach to beach in northern Spain

Unspoilt settings, natural parks and one-of-a-kind ecosystems mean Galicia and the Cantabrian coast boast some of Spain’s most scenic beaches. Here’s a tour of some of the best in northern Spain. You can fly to Vigo, A Coruña, Asturias, Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastián for 4,500 Avios each way.

  1. 1 Rodas beach

    Opposite Vigo, you will find Rodas beach on Monteagudo Island in the Cíes Islands, which is part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. In 2007, The Guardian chose it as the best beach on the planet for its spectacular natural beauty, which includes 1,300 metres of white sand and an impressive pine forest. The best way to visit it is by boat from Vigo. Book your ticket in advance, as there is a 2,000-person daily limit aimed at protecting this precious natural setting.

    Rodas beach, in Cíes Islands
  2. 2 San Xurxo beach

    San Xurxo beach – also known as Dos Ríos (Two Rivers) beach because two rivers, the Esmelle and the Xuncal, flow out to sea here – is located in the municipality of Ferrol in A Coruña. The spot is impressive due to its characteristic local wind, which has not only created curving sand dunes, but has also turned this beach with heavy swells into an ideal destination for fans of sports such as surfing and windsurfing.

    San Xurxo beach, in Ferrol
  3. 3 Silence beach

    Set among impressive cliffs, D’El Gavieiru (Silence) beach is one of the Cantabrian Sea’s loveliest. Located in the town of Castañeras in the municipality of Cudillero in Asturias, this virtually untouched spot has islets and rock formations that temper the force of the sea, converting it into a murmur that gives the beach its name. It can be reached only on foot, but just 15 minutes away is a car park with an incredible viewpoint nearby.

    Silence beach, in Cudillero
  4. 4 Oyambre beach

    Oyambre beach, on the western part of the Cantabrian coastline, is very close to Comillas. Stretching some 2km and boasting a stunning field of sand dunes, the beach is part of Oyambre Natural Park. The setting includes crop fields planted just steps from the shore and is very well conserved. Bordering the La Rabia estuary, it provides one of the most iconic snapshots of the beach with the famous ‘Oyambre Curve’.

    Oyambre beach, in Oyambre Natural Park, Cantabria
  5. 5 Ereaga

    Ereaga urban beach, between Puerto Viejo de Algorta and the Arriluce Pier, is located in Getxo, 15km from Bilbao. This laid-back spot nearly a kilometre long has a fantastic setting with mansions and manor houses in the background. It is easy to get to and perfect for anyone interested in sports such as surfing, sailing, or even beach volleyball and football.

    Ereaga beach
  6. 6 Zarautz beach

    Found between the cliffs of Santa Bárbara and Mollarri, Zarautz beach holds the record for being the longest on the Basque coast. Perfect for surfing or enjoying a day with the kids, it has the largest and best-conserved field of sand dunes in the entire Basque Country. It is just 20 minutes by car from San Sebastián.

    Zarautz beach, near San Sebastian