Inside Iberia Iberia Plus

Gabriel Perdiguero introduces the Iberia Plus Events Programme.

Iberia’s Chief Customer, Transformation and Technology Officer, tells us about the Iberia Plus Events Programme.


What is the Iberia Plus Events Programme?
It’s a collection of exclusive events that we invite our best customers to throughout the year. These range from film premières to concerts in our VIP Box at Madrid’s WiZink Center, private tours of museums and a weekend in the Rioja Alavesa region tasting fine wines.

How did this initiative come about?
This programme was born out of the need to thank our best customers for their loyalty over the years. We have many customers who have committed to us since Iberia Plus started 31 years ago. Many more join us every day and continue to choose Iberia as their first option when flying. That’s reason enough to be grateful to them. For us, they’re very special people. They spend half their lives on our planes! What else can we do but thank them for their loyalty, and even more so in these times when brand loyalty is becoming increasingly scarce. 

Who is it aimed at?
The programme is designed for our most loyal customers, mainly those who have the Iberia Plus Gold, Platinum, Infinita or Infinita Prime card. But it’s also for people who have the Iberia Plus Plata and Clásica and are very active in the programme. They may not fly as much as the higher levels, but they use Iberia Plus on a daily basis through the 90-plus partners that belong to the programme, and they earn Avios when they order a Cabify or when they refuel at Repsol... The possibilities are endless. They’re quite hooked on the Iberia Plus programme and, for us, they’re also high-value customers.

What is its objective?
The objective is to reward loyal customers by giving them some leisure time with their loved ones. Our frequent customers spend a lot of time flying, usually for work reasons, and that’s time they take away from their personal lives. This programme is a way to thank them for their loyalty outside Iberia’s surroundings: a plane, a VIP lounge and management by phone. We want them to know that they’re also part of our big family, even outside an airport.

What do the events consist of?
The invitations are quite varied, from an exclusive musical show to a concert or a private tour of an exhibition in a museum. But we try to make sure that they all have something in common, and that is their exclusivity and personalised service. These are experiences they wouldn’t have access to without Iberia. We’re talking about tickets for a concert that has sold out for months and or the pre-première of a musical. What’s more, we try to take care of every detail at each event, considering our customers’ particular needs.

How often and where do you offer these events?
We have more than 50 events a year, and almost all of them are in Madrid, because that’s where we have the highest concentration of customers. But we also do events outside Madrid. For instance, in 2023, we did an exclusive showing of Circlassica. El sueño de Miliki for customers in the Community of Valencia. And we’ve also had several events with high-value customers at Bogotá’s Espacio Iberia.

Are the invitations to these events another advantage for customers who have a certain card level?
No, this is something ‘over and above’. It’s not part of the advantages based on card level, it’s a ‘thank you for always choosing us and for remaining at our side’.

Many companies invite their best customers to events. What’s special about the Iberia Plus Events programme?
There are two elements that set it apart. On the one hand, while most companies hold one-off events that are part of their contract, ours is a programme in and of itself. It’s structured and organised based on our customers’ tastes. And another exclusive feature of our events is that they’re for our customers to enjoy some leisure: not networking. They’ve already got a lot of that in their working lives! They come to our events strictly for enjoyment. That’s why we always invite the customer and a companion of their choice – or four if it’s a family event.

And of course, there’s that ‘Iberia family’ touch that they appreciate so much. At all the events, there’s someone from our team who welcomes our customers, accompanies them and enjoys special moments with them.

What would you say to customers who haven’t enjoyed one of these events yet?
First, I’d thank them for being part of Iberia Plus. And I’d tell them to keep choosing us to fly, and to use their Iberia Plus on a daily basis. So, I’m sure we’ll surprise them and meet up with them at an event soon.

What is the bottom line of the years that the programme has been running?
The bottom line couldn’t be more positive. Customers are really appreciative of the invitations, the personalised and family service we offer them, and the ability to share leisure moments in a relaxed environment with us and other customers. And we, as a team, are delighted. To see our customers’ faces is very rewarding for everyone. We’ve created a link that goes beyond the loyalty programme. The expression ‘Iberia family’ becomes real to them.

How will these events evolve?
Our aim is to continue to grow, to hold more and more events, not only beyond Madrid, but beyond Spain. We’d like to invite more customers more frequently, because, happily, the number of Iberia Plus customers is growing day by day. That’s something that Iberia is particularly proud of. Our customers are the reason we work as if every day is Day One, and they deserve our utmost thanks.