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Discover Iberia’s Elite Points

If you’re a holder of the Iberia Plus card, you can collect Elite Points in addition to Avios on every flight you take with Iberia. Here’s what they are, how you can get them and what their benefits are.

What are Elite Points and what are they for?

Elite Points are the Iberia Plus programme’s way of rewarding member loyalty. You can accumulate them to improve or maintain the tier level of your Iberia Plus card, whether it is Plata, Oro, Platino, Infinita or Infinita Prime.

How do you earn them?

Elite Points can only be earned by flying. The more flights you take with the Iberia Group (which includes Iberia Express and Air Nostrum) – in addition to Vueling, LEVEL, Binter or any of the companies in the oneworld alliance, including both codeshare and direct flights with these companies – the more Elite Points you can accumulate. The number of Elite Points that you add to each of your trips will depend on the class the reservation is made in and the distance (in miles) of each trip. With the tables at the bottom of this page, you can calculate how many Elite Points you could accumulate on your next flight.

Iberia Plus Card

Just for signing up to the Iberia Plus Programme you will get your Classic Card, which you can use online through the app (or you can download it), but the more you fly, the more Elite Points you will accumulate so in a year you will be able to upgrade your Iberia Plus card level. For instance, to get the Iberia Plus Silver card, you must take at least 25* flights in an Iberia Plus year (from 1 April to 31 March of the following year) or earn 1,100 Elite Points. You would have to do the same the following year to be able to renew your Iberia Plus Silver card. If you accumulate 2250 Elite Points or take 50 flights, you will reach Gold status. You can see all the benefits associated with each type of card here, including the Infinita and Infinita Prime lifetime cards.

*For the flight counter, the following conditions must be met:

  • Flights with IB code: operated by Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum), Vueling, oneworld alliance companies or any partner company of the Iberia Plus programme.
  • Flights operated by Iberia Group: with code IB, VY, or any company of the oneworld alliance or partner of the Iberia Plus programme.
  • Flights with code VY operated by Vueling (basic fare only counts on flights made on or after 18 June 2018)
  • Flights operated and marketed by British Airways.
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How are the Avios’ Elite Points different?

The main difference between Avios and Elite Points is in how they are collected and in how they can be spent. Elite Points can only be earned through the flights you make, while Avios are collected not only with each trip taken with the Iberia Group and British Airways, but via Iberia Partners offers, such as at the Iberia Plus Store, or by booking hotel nights – among many other services that you can explore in the section Collect more Avios at the top of your screen. In addition, with your Avios you can pay for your next ticket or upgrade your booking (and, of course, give them away or share them with whoever you want).

Do Elite Points expire?

Yes, Elite Points only accumulate between 1 April of the current year and 31 March of the following year. This way, you can unlock the next level of your Iberia Plus card.