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Monti's creativity

Twenty years ago, the only way tourists might have ended up in Monti – considered Rome’s oldest neighbourhood – is if they had taken a wrong turn coming from the Coliseum. Today, thanks to the dozens of designers, craftsmen and creative minds who have moved in over the past decade, this area in the city centre is the beating heart of craftsmanship in Rome. If you peek into its establishments, studies and workshops, you’ll find the final treasures full of personality and innovation, designs dreamt up by several generations that show a brilliant character of their own. Take a journey through its narrow streets and small squares – which hold some of the city's best secrets.

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  1. 1 Sacripante Gallery, with Le Gallinelle by Wilma Silvestri signature, at Via Panisperna, 59

    The epicentre of Monti's creativity is Sacripante Gallery, a multi-space that combines an art gallery with Le Gallinelle, Wilma Silvestri's studio and store and the city's trendiest cocktail bar. In its exhibition room you can enjoy many of Rome's most interesting contemporary art exhibitions, as well as other activities such as fashion and craft workshops, while in the bar awaits a unique cocktail offer that has become famous throughout the city. The icing on the cake is the colourful and sophisticated designs of Wilma Silvestri, the matriarch of the Monti designers after launching her brand in the 1990s. The fusion between the Sacripante's different creative spaces has developed in a deeper way: some of the bar's cocktails are inspired by the themes of Wilma's collections or the creations of the artists displayed on its walls.

    Wilma Silvestri's designs are displayed in a structure created on the basis of vintage furniture
    Sacripante Gallery is open Monday to Sunday, 11:30am to 12pm and Friday and Saturday 11am to 2am/ Image courtesy of Sacripante Gallery.
  2. 2 Pifebo at Via del Serpenti, 135/136

    The best vintage boutique in Monti is Pifebo, famous in Rome because of its red walls where an astonishing collection of vintage handbags and sunglasses is on display. This alternative space has gone viral among urban fashion lovers, but its charm lies in the fact that those looking for timeless classics can also find great pieces. What's more, the décor inside will leave no one indifferent.

  3. 3 Atelier di Marloes Mandaat, at Via Urbana, 136

    Marloes Mandaat is a Dutch-born designer who has worked with brands such as Cartier, Armani and Gucci. In her workshop and studio in Monti, Mandaat designs garments and accessories based on comfort. Her creations are always handmade crafted with natural materials such as silk, linen, cotton or silver. In addition, she often collaborates with contemporary artists such as Neda Shafiee, an Iranian-born painter, or the Roman fashion photographer Angelo Cricchi.

    View of the interior of Marloes Mandaat's atelier, where her jewellery and handbag designs stand out alongside the couturier's artistic collaborations in a space where the robust architecture of the neighbourhood blends with industrial touches.
    Marloes Mandaat's studio allows visitors to find incredible pieces designed in a wide range of materials
  4. 4 Licciardello at Via dei Serpenti, 5

    Another of Monti's classic shops is the Licciardello jewellers, a family run business that has made Rome's landscape its main inspiration. Lorenzo Licciardello opened his first workshop in 1972 and five years later he was finally able to open his shop on Via dei Serpenti, where it remains today, run by his son and grandson. In addition to a selection of sophisticated jewellery inside, Licciardello has become known for his pieces inspired by the Colosseum while his creations have been featured in many exhibitions.

  5. 5 Tina Sondergaard at Via del Boschetto, 1D

    The Danish designer opened her eponymous boutique two decades ago after founding in Monti's indie spirit the perfect inspiration for her designs. Her vintage-style dresses, inspired by the silhouette of the 1950s, are cult garments both for those who adopt this aesthetic and for all those who are looking to find statement pieces that make the difference. The dresses can be bought directly from the shop or you can have them made to measure.

    Tina Sondergaard in the Monti neighbourhood, one of the city’s workshops that sets trends with its innovative spirit.
    Any alterations you may need to Tina Sondergaard’s off-the-rack dresses are included in the price.