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Earn Iberia Plus Bonuses with your Elite Points

Your Elite Points will be used for much more than just upgrading your Iberia Pluscard. Find out here how to get the new Bonuses and don’t miss earning rewards with Iberia.

Introducing Iberia Plus Bonuses, rewards you’ll now earn when you fly and earn Elite Points.

From 1 April each year, you can unlock up to seven Iberia Plus Bonuses as you fly and earn Elite Points.

What do these Bonuses consist of?

You will earn different rewards with each Bonus unlocked. For instance, when you’ve accumulated 350 Elite Points, you will receive €20 as a gift that you can redeem to improve your flight experience with Iberia, from additional luggage to seat selection or boarding priority. From 700 accumulated Elite Points, extra Avios will be unlocked and added to your balance. And if you reach 10,000 Elite Points, you can get an Iberia Plus Gold card to give away to whomever you want.

Getting Bonuses is that easy:

  1. Be sure to include your Iberia Plus number when you book.
  2. Every time you fly, you’ll earn Elite Points that you can check in your Private Area.
  3. The more Elite Points you accumulate, the more Bonuses you will unlock.
  4. We’ll let you know when you land on one of these Bonuses so you can enjoy it.

Remember that you can enter your Private Area at any time to check your Elite and Bonus Points. In addition, as soon as you reach a Bonus, you will receive a confirmation email so that you can enjoy your new reward. 

If you need to check how Elite Points work, you’ll find all the information in this article, and if you have any questions about Iberia Plus Bonuses, you can access the FAQsection.