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Bogotá from on high: the Colombian capital’s top rooftop bars

With a temperate climate all year round, Bogotá’s nightlife delivers an irresistible combination of signature cocktails, award-winning baristas and bars that give New York, London or Madrid a run for their money. We take a tour of the best rooftop bars injecting life into a city that – contrary to popular belief – wakes up when the sun goes down.

  1. 1 Queen Victoria: London with a Colombian accent

    Located on the top floor of the Hotel GHL Collection 93 and steps from 93rd Street Park, the Queen Victoria terrace bar has an elegant aesthetic inspired by 19th-century British royalty. With impressive views of the Eastern Hills and the Bogotá skyline, this bar’s live DJs and award-winning cocktails make it a ‘must’.

    Queen Victoria: London with a Colombian accent
  2. 2 B.O.G: drink and swim

    On occasion, Bogotá can be surprisingly hot. If you fancy a dip while enjoying a cocktail, the B.O.G. is a real luxury. With views to the western part of the city, this site differs from others: it’s more laid-back, quiet and exclusive, and the only rooftop bar in the city with a pool. Located next to the Parque del Virrey, it belongs to the hotel of the same name, one of the city’s most exclusive.

    The only rooftop bar in Bogota with a pool
  3. 3 Apache: burgers to the roof

    Without a doubt, the place to be. Between the beats of Michael Jackson and hits from the 1980s, Apache is a new favourite with the locals. With an avant-garde design, this bar – located on the roof of the exclusive ClickClack hotel – offers fantastic views of Bogotá. With its signature burgers and a simple (but effective) cocktail menu, it’s one of the capital’s top hotspots.

    Apache: burgers to the roof
  4. 4 Chelsea: cheers, sir!

    If you enjoy a nip of gin, then don’t miss this bar. Its tea-tonics have made it hugely popular, especially at sunset. Chelsea is one of the few bars in the city with a completely open terrace – 11 storeys high. According to the locals, it’s like a piece of New York, but in the middle of the largest city in Colombia.

    Chelsea is one of the few bars in the city with a completely open terrace
  5. 5 Céntrico: high expectations

    Soaring 41 floors above the ground – just between the old town of La Candelaria and the neighbourhood of Chapinero – stands Céntrico the tallest of all the bars and restaurants in the city. The views are simply spectacular. Besides boasting one of the city’s best bars, it’s a perfect spot for dining or for enjoying a bite at the end of the day. Its forte? The fish. Don’t miss the empapelado, made with coconut milk, Creole shrimp stew, brandy, prawns, white clam, criolla potatoes and cassava, served with a side of rice and coconut.


    Céntrico is the tallest of all the bars and restaurants in Bogota
  6. 6 El Fabuloso: dusk to dawn

    On the seventh floor of the T Zone – the epicentre of Bogotá nightlife – El Fabuloso lives up to its name. Featuring immense picture windows, high ceilings and a wood-filled bar with a rustic vibe, this new spot is for those seeking to eat, drink and dance the night away. The views alone are worth a visit.