Adventure Sara  Martinez

Six unique activities to experience this winter

The innovation race has also reached the fields of leisure, experiences and even team-building activities. Virtual reality, interactivity and action are the new revolution in how we enjoy our free time. These are six experiences that will also help you to protect yourself from the cold.

  1. 1 Can you tell a lager from an ale or a lambic beer?

    Visitors to MEGA.Mundo Estrella Galicia – the perfect mix of museum and factory – will have a very special look at what’s behind a beer. The use of cutting-edge technologies lets it offer a customised, digital and interactive experience at this museum created to surprise, as well as to experience and to share the world of beer. It also features a very exclusive beer culture programme.

    Travel to A Coruña from 4,500 Avios one way and discover Mundo Estrella Galicia.

    MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia in A Coruña offers a personalized, digital and interactive experience to get to know the world of beer.
  2. 2 Surpass your past and present and travel to your future

    Final destination: your own future. Travel through time by registering on and participating in “The e-tron room: the Future Paradox”, the new experience created by Audi that combines the escape room model with hyper-reality, allowing users to become completely immersed in history with the help of the avatars they themselves create.

    Fly to Barcelona from 4,500 Avios one way until 16 February and predict what your future self will be like.

    “The e-tron room: the Future Paradox”, the new experience created by Audi in which the escape room model combines with hyper-reality
  3. 3 Hurry, time is running out

    Money Heist has been a hit all over the world and its escape room – an authentic recreation of the series with original scenery and props – is just as popular. You can still enjoy it at Barcelona’s La Maquinista shopping centre until the end of February; it will return to Spain’s capital for its second season in the spring. The story will be different so that even the 80,000 people who have already joined the biggest heist in Spanish audiovisual history can do it all over again.

    Buy the tickets, from €22 for Barcelona or join the FEVER waiting list for its next stop in Madrid.

    Money Heist´s escape room returns to Madrid in Spring
  4. 4 What if you’re a part of the show?

    Imagine going to the theatre and suddenly finding yourself in 1942 and a passenger from Berlin on a train to Nuremberg... and a murder. You have to find out who the killer is, his accomplice and why he did it. The Caja Lista has reinvented the staging, creating a show where the spectators are part of – and take part in – the story itself. Javier Posadas and Victor Linuesa opened the space in January 2019 with two different performances, and their success has caused them to add two more to the programme.

    As soon as you have booked your flight to Madrid, from 4,500 Avios one way, book your tickets because they sell out quickly!

    La Caja Lista, the only interactive theater in Madrid, a unique experience that you cannot miss this 2020
  5. 5 Hawkins High School opens its doors to you

    Secret Cinema, which has been revolutionising how we experience culture and leisure for the past ten years, is a total expert in immersive cinema. The company has already created 70 secret (truly secret until it’s your turn) worlds in abandoned buildings and spaces in London, bringing to life large-scale productions such as Star Wars and Romeo and Juliet. Until 23 February, they promise to take you back to Hawkins High in the 1980s, at Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things.

    They say that tickets are selling like Eggos, so before you get to London (from 4,500 Avios one way) don’t forget to book them on their web site

    Secret Cinema, which has been revolutionizing the way of living culture and leisure for more than 10 years, introduces you to the world of Stranger Things until February
  6. 6 Build your innovative working team

    The Spanish agency Astroland has created a company training programme unlike any other in the world, focused on productivity, leadership, teamwork and resilience to change. Called Astroland Teambuilding, it has recreated a space science station with research laboratories, hydroponic crops, robots and autonomous energy and water systems in a cave in Arredondo (Cantabria) for the teams to use in order to successfully complete missions as though they were training to be astronauts.

    Fly to Santander from 4,500 Avios each way to train as a real astronaut.

    The Spanish agency Astroland has created a unique business training program in the world.